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Father’s Day: What To Get Your Dad Based On His Hobbies

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It’s official.

After years of wallets, ties, and watches, you’ve run out of simple Father’s Day ideas – or at least gift ideas for Father’s Day that would be actually useful to him.

We know, it shouldn’t be this hard to get gifts for men, especially not for the greatest guy in your life. Which is why your 2022 Father’s Day present should be one which you know he’d not only use, but truly appreciate and love – and you can choose exactly that based on what he loves doing in his free time.


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The Couch Potato

If there’s a series or a movie, he’s probably already watched (or binged). By that, we mean he fell asleep midway through and, the moment you switched the TV off, he woke up to say, “I was watching that!”

Really, you know this is because he genuinely appreciates being able to kick back and relax at home, the place he feels the most comfortable – even if it’s in front of characters conversing on a screen. 

Watching films together was also your main way of bonding with each other, especially when you were a kid. It also means you had a great childhood filled with cinema trips, which was how you spent time together, dissecting movies of all genres by discussing films down to their smallest detail.

So for your Father’s Day gift, you wanted to show him how much you cherish these memories with something that could provide him with the same kind of support and comfort the characters on television do. And with the Sonno Original, even switching off the TV won’t wake him up from his well-deserved, undisturbed deep sleep.


The Gadget Geek

If dads are superheroes, your dad’s superpower is being able to tell what someone’s phone model, production year, and camera specs are at a glance.

Naturally, this also means getting him a phone for Father’s Day is a no-go.

Name a device, and it’s most likely your dad has had it or looked it up. He’s up to date when it comes to all things tech and gadgets – which means he also knows how to troubleshoot common issues more than even you do, and has already had the previous experience of having to explain things to you from when you were growing up.

However, since his head is always buried in a screen somewhere, you often worry about him straining his neck, especially when he’s “preparing” for bed by scrolling through his tablet. Finally, for Father’s Day 2022, your gift of a Sonno pillow allows you to rest easy knowing that he’s got all the support he needs for his routine bedtime screen time.


A hiker dressed in full trekking gear, with a backpack and hiking stick, walking down a bridged trail


The Athlete

Growing up, you always knew which sports teams were playing and when they were playing. You also had the pleasure (or pain) of having to try your hand at a variety of sports only to find out you disliked a lot of them. The same can’t be said about your dad.

From anything on a court to a pitch, your dad is game for everything. He was the first person out of the door and in the park once lockdowns were lifted, and he’s up for any kind of adventure with “outdoors” written on it.

He’s the kind of person who gets up for a 5am hike, and then hits the gym before coming home. By the time you’re up, he cheerfully (and very loudly) greets you with a cup of coffee and a grand breakfast spread because “breakfast is the most important part of the day!” And you’re glad, especially since you’ve had your best conversations over these meals.

Just like the man ready to take on any kind of athletic challenge, you think this Father’s Day gift of a Sonno Duvet suits him: versatile, and ready to tackle any kind of climate with style.


The Jokester

Ah, dad jokes. Or as you call them: jokes.

Whether your dad is funny is subjective, but it doesn’t stop him from making terrible puns. He enjoys making everything into a little competition before completely goofing off. Sometimes, the way he doesn’t seem to take things seriously gets on your nerves. But mostly, his humour has been a lifesaver, especially in tough situations.

Deep down, you know that he just wants to see the people he loves the most be happy. And truthfully, there’s no way you can’t smile at how his eyes light up when you guys laugh.

You’re also grateful that you’ve never had to doubt your dad’s love for you. Warm, loving, and always ready to help, he’s always been openly affectionate, and always gave you the best hugs – which is why a Huggy Blanket might just be the most perfect Father’s Day gift idea you’ve had.

And while you know that it’s the thought that matters to him, your dad deserves the same kind of acceptance and love he’s given you all through your life. Now, you can show him how his support was the best gift to you with a present that supports what he loves, too.