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Sonno Original
Lee Vai Yuen
Sonno is the best

I used to sleep less and having restless sleep before this, but with Sonno mattress, I am now able to sleep better and more energetic at day. No regret getting this lovely Sonno mattress. In fact, I bought 2 altogether.

Sonno Original
Steven Chen
Good sleep every night!

Have been using the Original mattress for 2 weeks and no regret! The quality of the product is really good and nice.

Sonno Bolster
Kanagavalli Meganathan
Pillow and bolster

Bought it as a gift for my husband and no more stiff neck complaints 🥳

Sonno Bolster
Jessintha Santharaj
Bolster pillow

It's really soft and nice. I and my brother really love this pillow.

Sonno the Pillow
Sonno Original Matress

The matress is very comfortable and my back pain is reducing day by day. It also improve my sleeping quality and feel fresh when wake up. It is my wise decision to change to Sonno Original Matress and for sure i will recommend it to you guys. Best choice ever!

Sonno Original
Ze Ren Ng
Great Bed

The Sonno bed i am using is very nicely crafted and feels great to sleep on

Sonno Huggy isn't just a blanket; it's a sleep revolution.

Sonno Huggy weighted blanket has transformed my nights into a sanctuary of calm and comfort. The premium craftsmanship and carefully distributed weight create a cocoon-like embrace, easing away the day's stress. The plush, breathable fabric adds a luxurious touch, ensuring a restful sleep. Sonno Huggy isn't just a blanket; it's a sleep revolution. Experience the embrace, elevate your sleep – this blanket is a game-changer.

Sonno Original
Zamri AbKadir
Queen Bed & Pillow

Excellent and Good Quality Product, Best

Sonno Original
Natalie Mah
Sleep with Sonno

Waking up after a good night sleep on a Sonno mattress was amazing. Never felt so rested and feeling energetic the whole day. Wish every day is a holiday so I can sleep and lay longer on my Sonno mattress.

Sonno the Pillow
Jeffrey Ho
Great pillow

Soft yet firm enough. Love the pillow.

Sonno the Pillow
Finian Ho
After years of pillow woes, Sonno saved the day (and my neck)!

As a proud owner of a Sonno bed for the past five years, I can confidently say that this brand knows how to make quality products. My bed has stood the test of time, remaining firm and supportive as ever. And now, I'm thrilled to add Sonno pillows to my list of sleep essentials.
After countless failed attempts to find a decent pillow. I’ve tried everything from cheap pillows to fancy brands, but none of them could provide the support and comfort I needed and my neck was constantly aching. Then, I decided to give Sonno pillows a shot. If I love their beds, maybe their pillows would be just as good. And, I was right!
For the past month, I've been sleeping like a baby on my new Sonno pillow. The pillow provides the perfect balance of firmness and softness, keeping my head and neck aligned throughout the night. No more waking up with a stiff neck.
I'm so impressed with Sonno products and I've been recommending them to all my friends and family.

Comfy sonno topper

Sonno topper is so comfortable your back will appreciate you😄

Best Self-Gift in 2023

The huggy blanket has helped me sleep better than I ever have in the last 7 years and I am truly grateful to have discovered it.

Sonno Original
afiqah johari

Upgrading my mattress to queen size and tell ya it's no joke, because this sonno original mattress brings you to the next level of comfortness. I woke up with no back pain at all.

Sonno Signature Bed Frame
Rashidah Othman
Sonno King-sized Bedframe

Love the simple yet stylish and minimalist design of the bedframe. When the earlier purchased king-sized sonno mattress is placed on it, the set looks so nice.

Sonno Lite
Mark Hocon

I didn't expect it to be as it is in the ads but it is! Undeniably comfy. Plus points that you can arrange the date that you want it to be delivered. My pillows arrived the day after I ordered it, amazing! Cheers!

Love my new mattress!

Very honest sales associate who told me that buying a topper won't solve my broken bed springs long term. Explained to me that getting a new bed for slightly more money will be a better idea. I got a new Sonno mattress and I'm in love with it. Only downside to it is that I find it so hard to leave my bed in the mornings now :D

Sonno Signature Bed Frame
Anandaraju Mookkapillai

Ultimate comfort

Sonno Huggy Blanket
Gloria Kumar
Fulfilled dream

Recently , I bought the whole Sonno set for my father who turned 65. From the pillows, bed sheets & huggy blanket and my dad hasn’t stop talking about his good night sleep. As a daughter I couldn’t be happier to give the best to my father who has done so much for me growing up and this is all thanks to Sonno. Quality is top notch and I love it.

Sonno Original
Daniel Lau
Best decision I have made

It was the best decision I have made when I chose Sonno mattress over the other brands. It has right combination of softness & firmness that I needed for a good night sleep. Thank you Sonno.

Sonno TENCEL™ Bed Sheets
Giri Sithambarnathan
Extremely Comfortable- Fairly Priced - gives a cool comfortable sleep

I really enjoyed Sonny - gives me cool comfortable sleep. I think they should include the vertical stripe hotel sheet design which will give a more luxurious aesthetic. In terms of price point it’s reasoanable but they should consider bulk discounts so all the rooms can have it.

Sonno TENCEL™ Bed Sheets
Karen Lock
Sonno Queen Original & Tencel Bedsheets

The bed is amazingly soft yet supportive, tencel sheets smooth and cool, packaging easy to understand. Sonno has been very convenient from order to delivery to unpacking. Looking forward to getting one for my parents soon.❤️

Sonno Huggy Blanket
Racheal Kow
BEST Weighted Blanket !

Calming and one of the best things I bought for myself in a long time.
I would highly recommend this amazing product to anyone looking for a great sleep. This is a life changing product.

Sonno Original
Gan Siew Siew -
Order and shipment status

Need to improve tracking order and shipment status services

Sonno the Pillow
Ronnie Khoo

To busy sleeping zzzzz