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Great mattress

I love it so far! Firm but at the same time soft and comfortable. Just the way I like my mattress to be!

Perfect for ones who loves relatively soft mattress

I'm a big fan of soft and comfy mattresses, which I think it's really hard to find. Most of the mattresses I tried are towards the firmer end and Sonno mattress softness hits the spot.

Superb Bed Quality

I been having severe back pain and lower back pain with my old mattress, even with the new Sonno mattress at first. But after a week of sleeping on it, it was and will be one of the best mattress I ever slept on and definitely will not return the mattress.
Mattress quality is of medium firm which provides lower back support, memory form definitely aids in the bounce back and also ensured the air flow which provides me the best quality of sleep so far.

Geng chow bed

This bed very geng chow....after try my back pain all gone ...5 star bed !

Love it!

It is so comfortable! I love it!!

Great First 2 Weeks

Good support and seamless service so far (2 weeks!)

Wife loves it, but mattress is too soft for me

I’ve read many good reviews on Sonno’s mattress and my wife really likes it. Unfortunately, I personally found the mattress on the soft side and tend to wake up with a sore neck and upper back. I also find that the sides threaten to collapse if I lie too close to the edge of the mattress.

Sonno mattress
Customer Service

Just recently bought a queen size sonno mattress from you guys, I have yet to try it but I'm pretty sure its comfortable.
But I would like to give this review credit to the customer service team (Sarah). I appreciate your patience and your politeness in answering all my questions! Looking forward in receiving my mattress!

Mattresses as an investment.

I was reluctant to get a new bed and had thought about it hard when considering this bed. With my back pain getting worse, getting a new bed became necessary. When I saw the Sonno brand where they swear by their expertly crafted bed, no weird pocketed springs (that I did not know caused sleeping disorders) and breathability of the material to prevent over-heating when sleeping. They even offer a 100-night trial for its purchase which reassured me more as well as a full refund should it be unsatisfactory. The free shipping was an added bonus so I need not bother with transporting it myself.
I have been using the mattress for a month or so and so far, it has been an improved sleeping experience as I have less back pain, no wakes during the night and helps me get up earlier and with a better attitude to start each day.

"Look, mattresses are expensive, but they're an investment. It's gonna be in your life for a long time." - Amy Santiago

Sonno Mattress Size

Dear Sir/Madam,
Still new using the mattress since last few weeks, however satisfied thus far. Just that the mattress is of different size from standard 150 x 200 queen size bed (referring to Ikea standard). Delivery is quick though.
Thank you.

Nothing beats a SONNO mattress for a good night's sleep

It is pretty amazing to note that a good mattress and pillow can affect one's sleep. SONNO mattress did a remarkable job to our sleep. We had a good sound sleep through the night, and feeling well rested the following morning after sleeping on them. Now, the mattresses in our home have all been changed to SONNO as we wish all in the family, including our guests, to enjoy a good night's rest even when they are away from home. Thank you, SONNO. This is by far the best choice we have made in buying a good mattress.

Sonno, the Responsible Seller

Although I face some problem with Sonno Logistic partner, but Sonno try their very best to resolve the problem that I encountered. Despite that, I still would recommend Sonno to my friends and family.

Best Mattress ever!

Slept like a baby on the 1st night after switching from a much more expensive brand mattress. Do not waste your money buying so called fancy branded mattress.

Such a good firm sleep from a compact packaging

Good sleep. That is the report card in blue ink. A sleepy surprise the first night I lay my body onto the Sonno mattress. I doze off within seconds and awoke refreshed without having to get used to the strange new feeling of a new mattress. Really. No adaptation break in period. Happy with the end result. Recommended. Will purchase one more for the guest room.

Sweetest of dreams

Queen Size Ordered.
Everything the reviews say and then some.
Value for money and perform better than all the previous reputable brands that I have used.

Finally the search is over.l

Ordered a Queen size mattress, arrived 5 days after ordering. No need for a 100 day trial, my bad back responded to the firmer support of the mattress overnight. Perfect thickness that fits all my existing bedsheets. Two weeks in, and my response is still the same, "A superlative lullaby recommended to anyone dreaming for a great slumber."

Need Time.

I'd went through 2 slip disc operations sometime 10yrs ago & throughout those years I've always been sleeping on a spring mattress. So when I decided R9 make the swap, it was very challenging for me.
My body somehow refuses to accept it & because of that I lost almost a week's of a good sleep, my back was aching pretty badly. But I kept telling myself 'just another week' (it eventually took 2 weeks) for my body to get adjusted & accustomed to the near mattress.
Do I like it?
I love it cause it's cooling & comfortable.

What could have been made better?
Make known to those potential customers who has some form of back injuries or pain that they would need to get their body slowly adept to the changes, so that would give them some thoughts whether or not should they commit to buy it.

Sleeping like a kid again

After years of searching, I've now found a mattress to sleep on comfortably after having a bad back for so long. Bought the queen-size and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat

Good product

Bought a king size Sonno mattress due to new born baby sleep wit us and old mattress is time to changed. Sonno mattress not too soft, but comfortable. Tats y after we survey few, we decide to giv Sonno a try. we have enjoyed great sleep since replacing the mattress. no longer suffer from back pain. N baby can sleep well too. Tq Sonno mattress


Been using it for nearly 3 months, it solve my back paint issue.
The only thing need to improve is deliver.

Finally, I have a better sleep.

I received the king size bed from Sonno few weeks ago. I didn't like the smell of the bed at first, and thought the bed was a little bit soft to my liking. Thanksfully, the smell only lasted for a few days. In no time, I realized the bed was fully expanded and was actually quite firm.

It has been 2 weeks since I sleep on this bed, and I am in love! Finally, I can finally feel my lower back, and I can sleep better now.

Highly recommended.

Sonnographic sleep

Nights have never been the same with sonno. I m starting to get dreams every night and refusing to wake up every morning!

So far So Good. Fast delivery

To be honest itis to early for matteress review as it will take time to for my body to adjust. But so far so good. From order to delivery the service was great. I'll write a review later with honest feelings.

Soft and comfy but support your back when you really tried it :)

Surprisingly comfy , at first you will think is a soft mattress as it's a foam type of mattress , but the mattress do feel soft once you lye down , but the support and suitable hardness will support your back after a while . So it's comfy and it does have the high end hotel kind of premium mattress feel :)

Best investment ever

Needed a few nights to get used to it. But once i got used to it, it's like the best investment there is