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Finally, I have a better sleep.

I received the king size bed from Sonno few weeks ago. I didn't like the smell of the bed at first, and thought the bed was a little bit soft to my liking. Thanksfully, the smell only lasted for a few days. In no time, I realized the bed was fully expanded and was actually quite firm.

It has been 2 weeks since I sleep on this bed, and I am in love! Finally, I can finally feel my lower back, and I can sleep better now.

Highly recommended.

Sonnographic sleep

Nights have never been the same with sonno. I m starting to get dreams every night and refusing to wake up every morning!

So far So Good. Fast delivery

To be honest itis to early for matteress review as it will take time to for my body to adjust. But so far so good. From order to delivery the service was great. I'll write a review later with honest feelings.

Soft and comfy but support your back when you really tried it :)

Surprisingly comfy , at first you will think is a soft mattress as it's a foam type of mattress , but the mattress do feel soft once you lye down , but the support and suitable hardness will support your back after a while . So it's comfy and it does have the high end hotel kind of premium mattress feel :)

Best investment ever

Needed a few nights to get used to it. But once i got used to it, it's like the best investment there is

is worth the wait and money

It take a bit longer then expected to arrive after few follow up with customer support for the pre-order.
Actually i prefer a soft mattres but they only have medium-firm , since they provide 100 nights risk free trial i decided to go ahead.
The combination of latex and memory foam provide the best support and comfort for slepping on back or side and no more wake up feeling tired.
After 2 weeks i throw away the box and plastic cover for return and decided to keep it。

Definitely a lot better than the similarly priced mattress!

I have a similarly priced mattress with springs, and Sonno is just way too better. It reduces my back pain (not entirely eliminating yet since I haven't slept more than a month), and it is very comfortable for sure. My wife also immediately notice that the mattress is super great for sleeping - all in all, a satisfied purchase!

Good for your shoulder and back

we have enjoyed great sleep since replacing the mattress. no longer suffer from back pain! highly recommended

Sonno Queen

Slept soundly and found waking up was much easier!!

A Magic Mattress

Unlike normal mattresses, Sonno mattress tends to provide an utterly different sleeping experience with its latex and memory foam combination. The firmness of the mattress is just nice. What I love the most of the mattress is the Zero Disturbance technology. I am that kind of sleeper who tends to move a lot during my sleep. However with the Zero Disturbance technology, I no longer have to answer my partner's "Are You OK?" in the middle of the night as my movement has become less feelable! In short, everyone should give Sonno mattress a try (since they are providing 100 days sleep trials) or just proceed to their temporary showroom to feel the mattress in real life - I did that too before purchasing!
Happy buying mattress! :)

Worth every penny

I had think for days before i purchase the mattress, really attractive by the product but not sure worthy or not. Finally, i decided purchase it since i spent 1/3 days on bed, i should treat myself better. After purchased, i received the mattress within promised period, and after i try it, oh my gosh, it worth every penny.

First at all, it feel comfortable, this is the first time i slept onto springless mattress but it very comfortable. And even without spring, the mattress still feel flexible everytime i wake up.

Second, sometimes i will face insomnia problem even very tired. After i tried sonno mattress, non of any insomnia happen again.

Therefore, i found that sonno mattress really worth any penny, we should invest in something we spent 1/3 day into.

Sonno mattress
I love sonno

My 1st time buy mattress
And also my 1st time buy sonno mattress
Very comfortable . I will buy future for my son . Thanks sonno ..
I want pillow!!

I love my new mattress!

Thanks Sonno for my new sleeping heaven! The mattress is very comfy - I feel I don’t wanna leave my bed anymore :) It was delivered on time and the purchase process was so easy. I will buy soon the second one!

a delightful experience

First time ever i have a mattress delivered to me in a vaccum seal bag. Have to take extra precaution when i use a scissors to cut open the bag so that I wont accidently cut the mattress. May i suggested the company to improve on the packaging, may be make it into a big ziplog bag so that the trimming of the packaging is easier.
The mattress took about a whole day to fully 'inflated' to it's maximum full bloom size. The rim of the mattress is a bit soft but otherwise the whole mattress is firm and perfectly supportive for my back and yet very comfortable to sleep on. I wish there is a sonno pillow to match with the mattress, may be in future?
Beside the good product I am reviewing now, I also like to say their customer service is awesome. Due to the delay in my house renovation, I have to email twice to Mr. Michael to deferred my delivery date and both time Michael was very quick to respond to my mail. The changes was almost done immediatey and so pleasantly.
Overall, I am very satisfied and happy with the purchase. Thank You!

Sleeping like a Snorlax

Just as the title says, been sleeping so soundly that I don't feel like waking up. But it takes time to make adjustments, for example I feel it's initially warmer and the firmness takes some time to get used to. All in all l, very good product and hope the mattress lasts a long time to come.

Soft and supportve

Very comfortable and able to support a heavy person like me, removable cover makes it convinient for washing


Best sleep ever. So comfy, so practical, and such great value. Thank you

Sonno Mattress

Its comfy & my sleep is much better now than before. Thks Sonno. You are the best

Great experience*

+ on time delivery
+ high-quality product
+ nice design
+ easy to unpack it

* be aware: the girl of the picture is not included

Comfy SLeeps

Our previous bed was a nightmare for me especially when kids, my husband go on to the bed while i am sleeping, as I can feel the motion and wakes up to that. But after trying Sonno, I had very good sleep where I do not even aware when my husband is up or go to bed :)

Great Bed and Service

I bought a King size mattress. The mattress really comfortable, the hardness of the bed is just right. Love it !! Really easy and smooth process with the help of friendly Sonno staff. Best mattress ever, will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Great comfortable firm!

Ive always slept on a firm mattress for years. By chance tried a Sonno mattress and loved it. Ordered one for myself and its turned out to be the best thing i bought this year. One im enjoying night after night after night! Wife was skeptical when the mattress was delivered in a box, but after sleeping on it, she loved it too. Happy wife. Happy me. Heh.

The perfect mattress

My kid sleep well in the Sonno mattress. No more complaining of uncomfortable matress!

best bed before bucks

we order the mattress initially with a little hessitation. While our baby will sleep at night in her own cribs, during the day she will be playing around this mattress, laid directly on top of the floor to avoid falling. The smell of the new mattress is mild and completely gone by day two, so that is reassuring that there is little to no chemical coming out from the bed. The firmness is not too soft, there s no worry of suffocation. Motion transfer is very minimum too so when someone lay down next to the sleeping baby, she wont even feel it. As for me, I can see my sleep quality improvement from my smart watch, deep sleep now increased up to 3-4 hours per night, prior to using this matress I can only get 1 hours of deep sleep in one night.
No need for 100 nights trial

Good Night and Great Sleep

Sleep well in night and more deep sleep in the night. The bed can keep the warm and not too hot for body.