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10/10 value for the price you're paying

My wife and I were looking for an affordable alternative to big brand names such as Tempur and we were benchmarking Sonno Original with its online competitors. We decided to go with Sonno after reviewing the reviews and we did not regret our purchase. The delivery took place a day earlier, and the mattress really felt as good as our previous Tempur mattress when we were living abroad. The mattress is comfortably firm, and it is able to absorb shock so you don't feel any movements if you are sharing the bed with someone else.

Fantastic purchase, and kudos to the founder of Sonno. You guys made a solid mattress.

Good support for those having back pain

Earlier I using pocket spring mattress, think is my weight too heavy. Sleep till when I wake up next day back will be very pain half a day. Since I switch to sonno I got a good night sleep again. 👍👍

Sonno Original
My first Mattress

Finally I’ve bought myself a new mattress after did a lot of surveys. My old mattress springs nearly ‘tercabut keluar’. Thanks for my gf who willing to sleep beside me over the past 5 years. Now she’s HAPPY, and I’m HAPPY too 🙂

So warm thumb up👍👍👍

Sonno Pillow

Provides excellent support. I hardly have neckaches after using this. Felt it also helps with my sinus issue since it gives the right support and posture to the neck. Highly recommended!

Magnificent Mattress!

There’s an old saying; “money can buy a good mattress but cannot buy a good sleep”. As for Sonno, it’s worth the money to buy a good sleep!


Driving, typing, attending long-winded meetings and working long hours daily, my fiance had troubles sleeping comfortably at night and little did I know the struggle! Chanced upon Sonno, via Google and purchased right away. However, i was still doubtful of how good it is until my fiance received and started using it! It is indeed a GAME CHANGER! Worth every penny!

Good sleep

Comfortable to the head, just a bit too low for the neck and shoulders

A blessing in disguise

The delivery was great! Fast, reliable service and well packaged. After unfurling it on the bed frame and waiting 24 hours to air it and the latex smell, I laid on this cloud that was fluffy yet firm and contoured to my back. It was amazing! I have bad back issues yet I have to say that it has definitely reduced and it was all thanks to Sonno! I'm thinking about gifting one to my mother to share this experience with her because this is a gift that keeps on giving /delivers!

Great Value and World-Class Customer Service

We made the right choice for choosing Sonno for our new home. Sonno provides great customer service from pre-sales to post-sales. On top of that, the brand live up to its expectation if not more. I will not go for other brands anymore after this. Thank you for the good night's sleep.

Sonno duvet

Buy the pillow its less hassle than filling out the reviews every week after you buy the matress

Best Choice I had made!

Love my Sonno mattress! Didn't quite trust the advert I see until I really use it myself . Super Awesome I would say!

Best Affordable Mattress Ever

It is soft, very comfortable and yet supportive. I’m so impressed with my Sonno mattress after a short 2 weeks trial. A good sleep and waking up fresh without body aches is what I’ve yearned for, for many years. It’s truly a very good deal at affordable price.

Magic pillow

I have a good sleep at night and never feel so comfortable before. Abs my back pain proyseem to disappear! Highly recommend 😇

Great Sleeping Experience

Convenient packing...
Comfortable material...
Cool design...

Sonno Original
awesome feel after 30 years on spring mattress

i've been using a spring mattress for literally all my life. been using the same on for more than half of it. so finally upgrading to a sonno mattress felt like a totally new experience. it's a comfortable combo of soft and firm. it's almost addictive to just lie on my bed! very dangerous now that i'm working from home everyday

Sonno Lite

I bought the Sonno Lite King Size, super huge space. Heaven on earth experience, once you lay on the mattress you’ll straight go to dreamland. In addition, if your partner is an aggressive sleeper. You won’t feel the movement. For the price, it is super affordable for a premium mattress. Highly recommended.

Best Kind of Mattress Ever

Bought a king size bed, and we love it so much.
I'm a light sleeper, so whenever my partner moves, I can feel it but not w Sonno mattress.

Too much plastic

Please consider the environment when packaging your mattress

Good quality pillow and mattress

I have bought Sonno Mattress recently.
It is comfortable and good in quality.
Since I have sleep on Sonno Mattress and pillow, I no longer have neck pain or poor sleep quality, all thanks to Sonno,

Sonno the pillow

No aches and pains

Best sleep I’ve had for a long time. The new mattress is a real game changer.

Sonno Original

Mattress that suits different sizes and shapes

The Sonno mattress I've bought was received in excellent condition and packaging. Delivery was prompt and hassle-free. Initial setup is beginner friendly and the experience is delightful. After using the mattress for more than a month, I can share with much confidence that this mattress will suit most people. The foam and padding is adequate with the right amount of support and firmness. The mattress doesn't get too warm and I find it easy to get into the right position for my sleep. The zero motion technology works flawlessly and being extremely lightweight makes it easier for bedsheet changes. The pillow and duvet provided as free gifts were icing on the cake. I absolutely love the pillow and the duvet provides good comfort as well. To sum it up, the mattress as well as the pillow and duvet are great companion in my sleep journey. I believe most people will enjoy using Sonno's products. Customer service is speedy and helpful. It has been a problem free purchase for me and I hope the same for those who are looking for their next mattress.