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Kids love it!

What attracted me to the product is that they are CertiPur US certified. It gives me a peace of mine to let my kids sleep on toxic-free mattress.

Best mattress ever!

After I have purchased the mattress, I really felt like I'm really sleeping. It gives a really good sleep. I'm super charged and energised in the morning. Recommended. Shipping and delivery was good and convenient. Everything works perfectly. The money worth the mattress. Super best!

Excellent mattress ever

Very fluffy mattress with adequate support for my backbone. It will be perfect if sonno can offer free pillow with buying mattresses.

Amazing mattress

I bought the Sonno mattress 2 weeks ago and it's just amazing. I have some serious back pain / slipped disc problems, and every since I got the Sonno mattress my back pain in the mornings are gone. I also have the Casper mattress back in Europe, and Sonno's one is much better.

Instant Mattress

Just like instant noodles, this is an instant mattress. And it's a top quality instant mattress.

SoNNo Queen Mattress of course

Being skeptical when I had decided to get new mattress last month. Have visit few shops just to get myself more info on what in markets nowadays. Also view multiple online related to how to choose your mattress... yes I do spend some time on it !!! after a while looking into SONNO... and getting few questionnaires being answered, finally I'd made my purchase. Now almost 3 weeks using SONNO mattress I do have more quality sleep. My deep sleep time also increase, feels much better that I do think the decisions are right with this mattress.. still looking for my daily cool bedtime, no longer heat even thou without aircond on. Can have whatever sleep position and still gone to Zzzzland...

Better than 5 star hotel grade mattress

What more can I say? I do biz travel a few times a month, after getting Sonno mattress, I can't wait to get home to sleep on my bed every single time.

Sleeping on a cloud

I have been having back ache problem for a long time and I couldn't find a suitable bed to counter this problem until I went to try the demo bed, and I purchased it right away after I reached home. Now I purchased it for my mom and she loved it so much! It's a good investment for long term.

Great Product At An Affordable Price.

Not only was the bed delivered ahead of schedule but it performs as advertised.

It's my little piece of heaven after a long stressful day...

King Sonno Mattress

Sonno mattress is very comfortable. Well sleep!!!
Not too soft, not too hard

Great find

Once in a blue moon, we are presented with one opportunity not to be missed, and giving Sonno a try is one of them. Now, waking up feeling fresh and energetic is the norm. Thank you, Sonno.

Sleep Enhancing

The springs of my old mattress had deteriorated leading to backache and restless nights. After researching mattresses without springs, I came across Sonno. The fact that I could order with confidence made it a perfect choice. The mattress arrived quickly, was fun to unpack. Most importantly it is very comfortable and supportive. I am delighted with my purchase and highly recommend it.


After purchasing sonno mattress, it is a changes of my sleep which I been suffering from neck to back pain.

It was wonderful having this products and the most important I took a risk by just knowing your product from an advertisement and it is worth taking this risk.

Keep it up!!

Great Mattress, Convenient Packaging

Took about 2 or 3 days to receive the mattress after ordering it on a Saturday. It really is a great mattress, coming from an old spring one, I do appreciate how "dead" it feels when you lie on it, you don't feel your every movement is translating to the other sides of the mattress.

The packaging was convenient, I was able to carry it to my bedroom myself (Carefully, as it is pretty heavy) and carefully open the vacuum packaging. Very happy with the whole mattress and have encouraged my friends and relatives to check out foam/latex mattresses (particularly Sonno) for themselves.

Finally a bed I can actually lift and very very comfortable!

Thank you for your prompt delivery and help in opening the packaging, after just 2 hrs the bed had already reached it’s shape and was perfect to sleep on!

Comfortable!! No Pocketed Springs

With this No Pocketed Springs mattress which is my main priority to avoid sleeping on an electromagnetic field. And sleep on a comfortable mattress also very important to me. After do an online searching, I decided to purchase Sonno mattress, and after sleep on it one month plus I found that this mattress is the BEST for me!

Very comfortable bed!

The best bed i even tried, different and better than any bed i tried before! Feel like sleep in a marshmallow!!

Comfortable and deep sleep inducer!

The mattress has induced comfortable and deep sleep for me and my wife. The 6-7 firmness - although I had my reservations about it earlier - was able to hold well and induce deep sleep without any feeling of too soft! Good purchase indeed!

Best matress everr

Superb matress. After so many years with back problem, now i can say i can Sonno well without having to wake up with body aches every morning

Sleep on the cloud

The best mattress ever! Comfortable and cozy.

Comfortable Mattress

The Queen size mattress was super comfortable, my son love it.

Sonno mattress
Customer Service

Service was good and very fast response for us but this mattress no suitable for me because it's soft. I need to sleep or wait 25 days just able return mattress , it cannot return immediately.

Excellent quality and service

The Mattress is a dream come true in terms of comfort, stability, affordability and quality.

Best mattress ever!

This is my first mattress I've ever purchased for myself and I'm so glad I bought it! It's soft and comfortable but doesn't compromise on the appropriate firmness needed to support my back. It's a really great mattress! I would definitely recommend this mattress to others!

I first time see the sonno mattress in Facebook it look like feel sleep well and comfortable so i buy from online after I receive my mattress after I sleep oh my god very very comfortable every morning cause sleep better don't want to get up!