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Sonno Slumber

Very comfortable. Sound asleep immediately.
Matress' height could have been higher.

comfortable ~

with sonno mattress~ you can make a sweet dream~~

Great service and quality

Exchange my defect pillows without question, hassle free and prompt, the defect caused by me too long didn’t unbox

Been having great sleep ever since!

Sonno mattress

Feeling Awesome Waking up Next Day

It solve my back pain problem. Used to back sore waking up the next day.

Comfort infinity and beyond

Just upon getting the bed, and laying down on it, the firmness and comfort was beyond 5star. First good reason of the year to be late to work :P

Value for money

Had tried multiple beds over the years ranging from hard to soft beds. This is the first bed which is perfect in between. Having the softness needed to absorb the curves of the body while support needed for the heavier part of the body.

Product is great & the staff make all the difference

Took a long while researching a mattress and I was skeptical of a "Mattress in a Box". After researching forums, reviews and inspecting the matress at the showroom, I finally took the plunge and made the purchase. The mattress is as firm as promised, with the enclosed guides making it easier to set up than Ikea furniture! The pillows are awesome too! The staff at Sonno do their utmost to ensure a smooth experience for me. The only reason this is not a 5-star rating is because of a rude driver but thanks to the customer service staff, the delivery was rearranged and I have no complaints now.

Sonno mattress

You wouldn’t regret to buy Sonno. Especially if your vertebral paint. Value for it....

Splash no more!

I always say to my husband every time he takes a big 'dive' on the bed in the middle of sleep, those waves and splashes wake me up and spoils my sleep. As we were sleeping on a spring bed, every movement was felt and it's no fun sleeping next to a 'whale'. But since we got ourselves a Sonno bed, I'm glad I don't wake up during one of his episodes anymore. Yay!

Hassle free and good quality

Pick your bed, pay, unpack, done. So easy. Bed is medium firm, good for back support. Little Bouncing but won’t sink in. The top layer is very cooling and comfortable. But I’m too afraid to not cover it with sheet and protector, so only sleep on the naked bed for one night and ‘armoured’ it up the next day haha. One recommendation, Would be great if there is handle on the side so that can easily rotate and move bed into position ;)

Sonno mattress

Great quality with good price

Great quality with good price

Dream mattress come true

The first day I sleeping on Sonno Mattress like the King in the palace

Better sleep

Having trouble sleep for past 6months. Choosing mattress also took me few months . At last choose SONNO and I have tried few days , I have no shoulder pain. Great choice

Great mattress!

Mattress is great, worth the value. Latex+memory foam feel. Customer service is very prompt and superb! Will be buying another one soooonn..

Best mattress ever!!!

Firstly kind of scare that the mattress will be too soft since it material is latex. But since it got free refund service so I decide to take the risk. After I get to try the mattress, it was destiny!!! It really match my desire of hardness of my dream mattress. Sonno mattress really fit my body very well.

A box of wonderful sleep

As promised....the mattress (plus free gifts, much appreciated) were easy to inbox and open. It feels like you are floating on water. No regrets getting the mattress. No more pain in the morning when I wake up...the pillows are great as well.

Best sleep I ever had!

I was having constant back pain due to my long office hours and training but ever since I got Sonno mattress, I am able to have quality sleep to recuperate and it’s the best investment I ever had! Thanks Sonno for the awesome mattress and great service!

100% satisfied

After reading reviews from other Sonno buyers, i decided to get one myself to try. I started with single mattress. Before sleeping on a Sonno, i used to wake up feeling restless and backache. Always tired throughout the day. Because of Sonno, i am able to experience deep sleep and all achings were gone. I glad i make the right choice and recently bought another Sonno mattress (king size) for my new house. Why spend big bucks buying a premium memory foam/ latex mattress when Sonno is so affordable and and good. Thank you Sonno and I hope Sonno will remain as an affordable brand to everyone.

Sonno Queen Size Bed with Pillows

It's amazing at 1st on packaging.
After few nights Zzz..and I share another Sonno pillow for my mum, we like it so much!!! And she start having nap on my bed too ^^

Invest in the best as your body deserves a good rest!

By far, the best investment for your body in getting quality sleep! Easy unboxing and handling. Thank you Sonno for the amazing service and product!

Best sleep ever!

By far, the best investment for your body in getting quality sleep! Easy unboxing and handling. Thank you Sonno for the amazing service and product!

Miraculous Mattress

The best mattress and pillow I’ve ever had. It’s so comfortable and my back pain has gone miraculously after few weeks of sleeping on it.