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Sonno Bolster
Sonno Bolster
Sonno Bolster
Sonno Bolster

Sonno Bolster

Our bolster is the perfect companion for the comfort and support you need to get a good night's sleep.

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Product Specification


The bolster is filled with soft polyester and polyurethane foam and encased in a knitted cover. 


90cm (length) x 20cm (diameter)


Since it isn't necessary to wash your bolster regularly, we suggest to always use a bolster case (part of our bed sheets set), which can be washed frequently. The bolster should not be machine washed, but you can always choose to hand wash your bolster with cold water only.  

Country of Origin

Made in Malaysia


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Why you need a Sonno bolster 

sonno good posture

Promotes good posture

Hugging a bolster can straighten the back while sleeping.

Sonno muscle tension

Relieves muscle tension

Bolsters can be placed under the neck to relieve tense muscles. 

Sonno sleep quality

Improves sleep quality

When sleeping on your side, having a bolster between the legs relieves stress on the bottom leg.

Sonno blood circulation

Enhances blood circulation

Using a bolster to elevate the legs helps smoothen blood flow so the heart doesn’t need to work as hard.

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