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10 Things to Replace This Chinese New Year

Chinese Red Lanterns

The Chinese New Year brings with it a chance to make your new year's resolutions and bring some change to your life. Some of the best ways to achieve this involve replacing some of your old belongings and habits with something new, or even something entirely different.

Here is our list of 10 things to replace this Chinese New Year: 

1: Old books and magazines

Books are great, but once you've read them a few times there becomes little reason to keep hold of them - unless you're thinking of starting a library. If you're still hanging on to old books that you've read multiple times, or simply don't think you'll read them again, a great new year's resolution is to get rid of them this Chinese New Year. You can either replace them with new books to help you learn and experience new things, or use your new-found space to realise another hobby - why not use the space to take up painting, or even house a music collection.

2: Your vacuum cleaner

Over time vacuum cleaners can become clogged with dirt and even lose suction. Chinese New Year is a great time to take stock and see if your current vacuum is still the right one for you. Maybe you've had new flooring fitted, or maybe you're just not getting the same results as you used to from vacuuming. Maybe this is the year you make getting a new vacuum your new year's resolution.

3: Old clothes

The things you wear can often be a reflection of who you are, so if you really want to make a change this Chinese New Year, why not replace your old clothes. We can often cling on to old items of clothing that are past their best and this can take up room in our closet for things we really want.

4: Expired sauces and dry foods

Why not make it your new year's resolution to have a clean and tidy kitchen? Take a good look in your kitchen cupboards and throw out any of the ingredients and sauces that are past their use by dates or foods that you are not likely to use anytime soon. Too often we keep half used jars and bottles on the off chance that we use the rest of its contents another time - now is the time to get rid of all those!

5: Socks

socks on Sonno mattress Malaysia

How many times have you gone to put on a pair of socks and found that one sock is missing? Or that one of them has a hole in the heel or toe? Take a moment over the Chinese New Year to go through your sock collection and get rid of any that are missing their other half or have become unwearable. If they've been sat in your drawer or in a pile for a few months, the chances are you won't be getting around to repairing their holes any time soon - clear some space and cleanse your wardrobe by simply replacing them with fresh, new pairs instead.

6: Your duvet

Over the course of the year, your duvet will accumulate dust particles and dirt. It may also start to thin and lose its padding. This Chinese New Year, have a look at replacing your duvet to keep you comfortable throughout the nights.

7: Spare electrical cords

It happens to the best of us. Somehow, we end up with electric cables that seem to have no purpose or home. Over the year we'll gradually replace and update our electric gadgets, and while we may remember to sell or recycle the gadgets themselves, the leads and cables often get left behind. Get rid of them now and replace them with other things that you will find useful!

8: Old manuals

Just like cables, instruction manuals often get left behind when we get rid of various objects. The Chinese New Year is a great time to get rid of these unneeded instruction manuals, freeing up some space for more things that you actually want and need.

9: Towels

Because of the regular use we put our towels through, they can start to look a little worse for wear as the Chinese New Year approaches. Make it your new year's resolution to replace you old, stiff and threadbare towels with some new, fluffy towels. Newer towels will not only be kinder and gentler on your skin but are also more likely to do a better job of drying you than your old towels which have become worn over time.

10: Your mattress

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Maybe your new year's resolution this Chinese New Year is to take better care of your body and mind. Replacing your old mattress can help you achieve just that. Your old mattress could be causing you a great deal of harm without you even realising. Traditional spring mattresses will often accumulate bacteria and dust over the years and this can lead to them being dirty and unhygienic, leaving you more at risk of becoming ill and sleeping badly. Spring mattresses are also likely to wear. Springs may start to dig into your body when you lie down to sleep or may no longer support your weight correctly. Not only does this mean you find it harder to sleep at night, it could also lead to severe back, neck, and shoulder pain if you don't replace your old mattress early enough. The Sonno mattress makes a great replacement for your old mattress. It's latex and memory foam structure helps it stay cool and reduce the level of dust and bacteria that settles inside the mattress. The memory foam also supports your body far better than your old mattress and distributes pressure evenly throughout the entire mattress. This means you will not only get a better night's sleep but will also see an improvement in the condition of your back, neck and shoulders.

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