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8 Calming Bedroom Design Ideas

Calming bedroom design. Designed by mrsiraphol / Freepik

We've already looked at some of the best ways to make your bedroom more prepared for sleep, but what about how to decorate your bedroom correctly? Here we look at how you can perfect a calming bedroom design with just a few simple steps.

1: Pick the Right Colours

Getting the base colours of your bedroom is crucial in creating a calming, sleep-friendly atmosphere. Picking cool colours can really help your bedroom feel calmer and can also help control the temperature of your room. For the best relaxation effects try the following colours:

- Dark grey-blue - though these colours are darker, they can be made softer when balanced out with plenty of creams and whites. They can also assimilate the night sky.

- Soft greys - adding a soft grey tint to a white bedroom add a little extra depth and texture to your calming bedroom design.

- Icy blue - turning to nature for calming inspiration is a great idea. This is why we also recommend...

- Natural, pale green - Think sage, celery or a light pistachio hue. Being surrounded by these natural colours can create feelings of serenity and contentment.

- Lavender - A muted lavender wall is an elegant and sophisticated option for a master bedroom. Purple hues are also thought to be stress-reducing.

2: Be a minimalist

We've already discussed the benefits of decluttering your bedroom in order to make your room more comfortable for sleep, but there are other ways that minimalist style can help. Strip the walls of busy patterns and remove unnecessary ornaments. Choose a few key pieces of calming artwork if you want, but definitely follow a less is more approach to create calm in the bedroom, free it of clutter, the floor and also the walls. Choose one or two pieces of art for one wall and leave the rest alone. Apply a "less is more" approach to the furnishings also.

3: Perfect Plushness

Spending a little extra on plush bedding is key to calming decoration in the bedroom. There is nothing better than sinking into a cosy comfortable bed with plush, soft cushions after a long day.

4: Stick to One Fabric

It can be difficult to coordinate different fabric patterns successfully, which can make your bedroom feel busy and disorganised. To create a relaxing feel to your bedroom try sticking to one fabric type that matches the colour of your paint, curtains, bedding, even your chairs if you have any in your room! ​If you’re concerned that this may be a little too much of one fabric, then choose a solid secondary fabric to go along with your main fabric.

5: Candles

Candles are a great way to create relaxing mood lighting which adds an extra layer to your calming bedroom decoration. Lighting can enhance a bedroom design far more than you may realise. Of course, lamps are needed for completing certain tasks, but creating a soft glow that is relaxing is crucial to calming bedroom decoration. 

6: Be at One with Nature

Not only can you turn to nature for help with your colour scheme, you can also try to bring nature into your bedroom in other ways. You could use your windows to draw on natural, calming views, or you could take inspiration from the space outside your window and bring the outside, in. Introduce greenery in the form of potted plants, fresh flowers and attractive, decorative foliage.

7: Add Artwork

Bringing in a little, meaningful artwork can be a great addition to your calming bedroom design. Art that reminds you of someone or somewhere that you love, or that’s simply of something you enjoy looking at, is a great way to make your bedroom a positive, calming and meaningful space.

8: Stick with Symmetry

Simple, balanced décor can be a great way to create a calming atmosphere when you decorate your bedroom. If you want to achieve a Zen-like state of calm, try to anchor your bed with two bedside tables and a pair of glowing lamps. Bare wood is a great material to use for your bedroom furniture too as it creates a visual symmetry by keeping all your furniture the same. You should also aim to stick to a neutral, clean backdrop with white walls and bed linen, a hint of a pale colours can add an extra layer of depth but don't let it overpower the room! Let tranquillity reign.


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