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Are You Using The Best Bed Sheets For You?

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When you think of the most comfortable bed you've ever slept in, what comes to mind? A large number of people think of the sheets they slept in - and with good reason. Making sure you have the best bed sheets possible is a huge part of getting a great night's sleep. Because our sheets are the part of the bed that our skin is in direct contact with, the quality of your bed sheets is almost as important as the quality of your mattress.

With so many different varieties of bed sheet available, it can be hard knowing how to pick the best bed sheets for you. Here are our top tips for picking the bed sheets that are right for you: 

1. Some materials are cooler than others

There are few things worse than being too hot to sleep. Bed sheet made of synthetic materials tend to be a lot thicker and as such can trap heat under your sheets. This can be great in cooler weather, but in summer and hotter climates like Malaysia, it can make you feel too hot to sleep. Materials like Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton tend to be hailed as some of the best bed sheets available as they are known for their softness which can feel cosy on the skin.


Cotton tends to be one of the most popular materials for bed sheets as it has the ability to both trap heat and lets cool air pass through - keeping you warm in colder weather and cool in warmer weather. It's also hailed for its durability as it will often last a long time and won't lose its appeal after a few washes.

Bamboo blend

You can often get cotton bed sheets in a number of different blends too. Bamboo blends have recently seen a rise in popularity thanks to their sustainability and naturally antimicrobial factors which help absorb moisture - keeping you sweat-free and dry.


In hotter climates, linen sheets are also popular as they are able to move liquid - such as sweat away from the body. They do get creased easily though and so don't look as comforting as other forms of bed sheets. They can also be a little too warm and slippery to some - but that depends on personal preference.


For many people, the best bed sheets are those made of silk. Silk bedding is great because it has natural heat-regulating properties, helping you to maintain a correct and regular body temperature. Silk bedding is another that's great in all seasons as it retains heat during colder periods and sheds any redundant heat when the weather is hotter, preventing you from feeling too cold or too hot to sleep.
For women experiencing the menopause and night-sweats, silk bedding is amazing as it helps to keep you cool and helps to relieve a lot of the moisture from your night sweats.
Silk is also great in the winter. It can help you stay warm without making you feel weighed down by heavy blankets. Silk duvets tend to be much lighter than other duvets, which can often leave you amazed by how warm they keep you during the colder months.

2. Consider the health benefits

- Asthma and allergies

Silk bedding is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it one of the best bed sheets for those who suffer from asthma or allergies - especially eczema.

People who suffer from asthma or allergies can have a number of different triggers. These can range from chemicals to everyday, indoor allergens such as dust mites. People with allergies benefit hugely from using silk bedding as it is naturally hypoallergenic and creates an inhospitable environment for dust mites - one of the biggest triggers for asthma and allergies. This reduction in the number of dust mites you're exposed to can, therefore, help significantly improve the quality of your sleep to those who suffer from dust mite related allergies.

- Parkinson's disease

Silk can also provide help for those who suffer from Parkinson's disease. Often, Parkinson's disease can make you feel stiff and uncomfortable, which can lead to sleep problems. Silk bedding reduces friction between your body and the bed sheets, which is really helpful if you find it difficult to turn over in bed as a result of your condition.

3. A high thread count isn’t everything

Thread count refers to the number of threads in each square inch of the fabric used in your bedding. For a long time, this was considered the most important and substantial way of measuring the quality of your bedding. These days, however, things have changed. In fact, the yarn fibre, size, spinning and finishing of the threads used to make your bed sheets all play an important role in determining how comfortable and cosy they will be. For example, bed sheets made of a higher quality fibre with a lower thread count will often feel softer and prove more durable than a lower quality fibre with a high thread count.

Of course, even the best bed sheets need a good quality mattress to go with them. Take a look at our website for more information about the Sonno Mattress.