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Celebrating Christmas at home? Here’s how you can have yourself a cozy little Christmas this 2020

Let’s be honest: Christmas in 2020 will not be the same as it was in previous years. This is the time of year where we would usually gather with family and friends with some coming from different states and overseas. This is also the time of year where you’ll see people crowding shopping malls for Christmas decorations! But with all the restrictions in place, this year’s Christmas celebration won’t have the same festive crowds or parties we are all used to. 

As the classic Christmas carol goes: “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”, most of us will be spending Christmas at home with those just within our household or some alone by ourselves. 

Now, being all “doom and gloom” will be the easy route to take, but there are many ways to stay comfortable and cozy while keeping the holiday spirit alive even in isolation!

Here are FIVE things you can do this year to have yourself a cozy little Christmas this 2020: 


#1 - Deck the halls with decorations!   

Start your 2020 Christmas like any other year: celebrating the season by decorating your home with Christmas decorations and going all out for it. Avoid skimping and decorate however you wish as long as it makes you happy. This is the time of year where you really want to make your home the way you feel fit for the season. 

#2 - Make a Christmas memory 

This may sound simple, but it will make your 2020 Christmas stand out with a good memory. This Christmas, create a special memory that you know you will remember for the rest of your life. Instead of just letting the holiday slip by, why not create lasting memories such as a family photo album that captures the many precious moments as you reflect on the good amidst a turbulent year. Taking time to remember and recognize the good that you have - no matter how small or big - will make this Christmas extra special.  

Another way to make a Christmas memory with a smaller crowd or by yourself is by re-creating a Christmas tradition that is important to you. This could be decorating the Christmas tree, singing a special Christmas carol, or that must-have Christmas dish/dessert. Add this 2020 quarantine Christmas into the long list of Christmases worth remembering. 

#3 - Organize a Zoom Christmas party!

Instead of using your Zoom account just for work and business meetings, let’s have a Zoom party! You can have a themed party with your friends or family and diversify the fun by using wallpapers and filters. Let’s be honest again, we all love it when someone puts on THAT filter with the monocle and moustache :) 

#4 - Plan a Christmas movie night

Who doesn’t love Christmas movies?! We do! There’s just something special about Christmas movies that makes us feel all magical and dreamy. They never fail to lift our mood up! 

Don’t have a favourite Christmas movie? Here are some Christmas classics you NEED to watch at least once: “It’s a wonderful life (1945)”, “Home Alone (1990)”, “Christmas in August (1998)”  and “Love, Actually (2003)”. 

Watch your favourite Christmas movie while snuggling up with a warm drink on the couch or bed with a cozy duvet. Our brand new Sonno Duvet will make the perfect companion for a movie night! Snuggling in our incredibly lightweight and airy duvet will give you the best feeling ever when watching your movies. The Sonno duvet insert is one of its kind: fresh, weightless, dermatologically tested, and airy - making it perfect for warm & humid countries like Singapore. 

Decorate your bed Christmas style! 

Along with your new Sonno Duvet, why not decorate your bed with the colours and festivities of Christmas? After spending a whole day doing all the Christmas activities listed, you will want something comfortable and festive to cozy into. Go with colors like red, green and white to create that festive mood in your room. Here is how we did it: 


Staying home this Christmas may not be ideal but with just a few minor tweaks, you can celebrate the best Christmas yet. We may be far away from those we want to be with, but one day soon we will all be together again. With that, hang the brightest star on the highest branch of your Christmas tree and have yourself a merry little Christmas (the best yet!). 

Merry Christmas, Sonno sleepers!