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Sonno Community Outreach Program: Ever Wondered What We Do With Our Returned Mattresses?

Relief, Never Resell

Yes, we have a great 100-night return policy, but our promise to you is that we will never resell returned Sonno mattresses and pillows. Instead, we channel them towards the relief of our struggling community members. Today we've helped Mr. Azlom and his family get better sleep at night. 

Mr. Azlom's story will break your heart, as the father of four young children struggles to find work due to his acute arthritis. On top of that, he has to provide for his wife - who is suffering from cancer - as well as his parents-in-law. When we heard of their struggles, we set out to do the best we can to help Mr. Azlom and his family with our mattress. 

We hope Mr. Azlom and family will find their Sonno mattress helpful to ease some of their pains, and we hope we can help more members of our community soon!