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Sonno Community Outreach Program: Mattresses For All


“Sleep well and live better.” That has always been our mission at Sonno! We believe that everyone deserves a good night sleep and that includes the low-income community in Kuala Lumpur. 

Owning a high quality mattress however, is a luxury for these communities. Especially for the people at Persatuan Kebajikan Transformasi Selangor & Kuala Lumpur  a charitable organization which supports B40 children and people with disabilities. These communities are already struggling to receive basic amenities, let alone a comfortable and good quality mattress.

Recently, we took a trip down to the organization and donated 20 mattresses plus 10 pillows. These Sonno products were repurposed from our past customers who returned them within the 100-nights trial. Sonno customers get to try our mattresses for 100 nights in the comforts of their home instead of a showroom; as we believe this is the BEST way to determine whether our mattress is suited for them or not. If customers don't think it's suitable for them, we'll return 100% of what they’ve paid. No questions asked!