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Celebrating the Sonno Snooze Week!

Sonno Snooze Week

On every 15th March of the year, the world celebrates World Sleep Day (WSD)A day pushed forward by World Sleep Society to commemorate sleep, in a way to highlight the ultimacy of healthy sleep. Being a globally recognized awareness event that brings everyone together in understanding the importance of sleep, WSD also celebrates the efforts happening around the world toward the prevention and management of sleep disorders.

This year itself marks the 12th World Sleep Day, with the slogan “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging” - is to focus on the importance of overall health for any age groups. It draws attention back to the quality of life by improving the quality of sleep. Sleep failure is metaphorically similar to a car engine put to overhaul. As profound as we know of, it is easily one aspect of life we often take granted for.

The amount of sleep works differently for each age group as we age, however, the priority of getting optimal sleeping hours should remain in check, in order for us to maintain our physical, emotional and cognitive health. You can find the 10 recommendations of healthier sleep put together by the World Sleep Society here.

In conjunction with the World Sleep Day, which is also the day of the year we found most relatable to us at Sonno - we are proud to announce the launch of Sonno Snooze Week! It will be an annual event to be held on every 11th to 17th March, starting from the Year 2019.

If 1st of January is when we usually start a new journal and be inspired with new resolutions of becoming a better self - similarly, we aim to make Sonno Snooze Week the week of the year whereby everyone starts to pick on sleeping better. It will be an exciting week filled with feeds of helpful sleeping tips, interesting contests with giveaways, mindblowing sleeping facts, and crazy promotions which are carefully curated to upgrade your overall sleep quality.
If you care about your sleeping more than any early morning hikes - we think you should definitely stay tuned.

Happy sleeping, my fellow sleeping nation!